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  • Orbelus club

    Orbelus club unites all enthusiasts with an attitude to good food and drinks who have protection of nature as their life philosophy.

    Wine with the Orbelus brand is meant to be produced in no more than 80 000 bottles per vintage.

    The red wines with the Orbelus brand will be produced and sold under three basic labels: Melnik, Prima and Getika divided in relatively even quantities, depending on the vintage and the yield of each grape variety included in the blend. Each year one additional wine will be produced under the label “Hrumki” in quantity no larger that 4000 bottles, whose blend and expected qualities will be announced the year before, so that the club members will be given the opportunity to state their desired quantities of our experimental label.

    White wines Orbelus under the name Orelek is produced for the first time from 2011 vintage and is meant to be produced and sold in no more than 10 000 bottles per year. The wines are produced in relatively equal quantities from the combination of Chardonnay & Pinot Gris and Chardonnay & Viognier.

    With the 2013 vintage came the first rosé under the name “Orbelus Paril” made by blending Early Melnik, Syrah and Grenache Noir.

    The members’ right is to receive information about the available quantities of different vintages and labels and about the expectations for next vintages. The members can make wine delivery orders in advance with the privilege that for every dozen of bottles ordered, every club member will receive two additional bottles of the preferred label (if available) from the same vintage.

    The club members have the right to make preliminary orders for wines of forthcoming vintages or make preliminary orders for production of collector wines or for wines with a specific blend of grapes under term set in an additional contract.

    The club members can make preliminary orders in the beginning of each calendar year for wines bottled with additional labels or accessories under term set in an additional contract.